Dr. Leo Eyombo

Chief Executive Officer/Cofounder

Dr. Leo Eyombo has over 18 years of educational experience as a professor, clinician, school administrator, and technology innovator. These experiences include curriculum development, curriculum evaluation, education administration, teacher evaluations, instructional learning strategies, teaching methods and faculty development at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Dr. Eyombo has done extensive research on special education, education technology, instructional learning, education economics, and the effects of visual acuity on academic performance.

Developing educational mobile applications for elementary, secondary, higher education, and health care has been an area of exploration and expertise. Being an educator has been his passion. As an international educator, Dr. Eyombo has lectured and done educational research in Africa, Asia, and the United States. Dr. Eyombo spent a year as Teacher Science Advisor at Benjamin Stoddert Elementary School in the District of Columbia public school system. In this position, he designed, implemented, and evaluated science lectures and headed curriculum design and evaluations.

Education has always been a priority for Dr. Eyombo. As a Chinese Exchange Professor of Business Education, he supervised four Chinese Professors and served as panel member in Sino-US Education programs. His responsibilities also included faculty evaluations and developing courses to meet department educational goals and objectives.

Dr. Eyombo has extensive business experience in the national and international arenas. He speaks multiple languages and excels at building productive relationships between companies and educational institutions here and abroad. He recognizes the needs of students and the desires of the parents in regards to education.

As a businessman, Dr. Eyombo has served as Chief Executive officer for Aleb llc, Advocacy Medicine LLC, Chairperson for Globalocal Integrated Solutions Incorporated, and Executive Director for Preventive Health Services.

Dr. Eyombo obtained a Doctoral degree in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Prior to this, he acquired a Doctor of Optometry from Lyceum Northwestern University, an M.A. in Health Policy from Columbia University, an M.S. in Education from Columbia University, an M.S. in Community Health from Howard University, and an M.B.A. from Morgan State University.

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Dr. Rupananda Misra


Dr. Rupananda Misra has held higher education teaching positions for over 18 years. He is well-versed on the use of media and technologies to enhance and complement the curriculum of K-12 academics. He is especially interested in understanding the underlying mechanism in the design of e-learning applications from the perspective of representation and meaning-making. More specifically, this interest led him to study the design of educational messages (using words, images, sounds, gestures, etc.) and how these messages are interpreted, understood, and applied by students.

Over the years, Dr. Misra has taught elementary, middle, and high school teachers in the integration of learning technologies in learning environments and its impact on how we think, learn, and make decisions. He has successfully taught in the traditional classroom environment and has spent the last 12 years teaching hybrid and online courses. He has extensive experience in developing curriculums for various educational institutions. This experience has allowed him to stay up-to-date on the current trends in education as well as informed about Common Core curriculum.

Beyond Dr. Misra’s research successes - publishing 7 research papers and a book chapter and giving presentations at 8 conferences—he has also been fortunate to obtain a wide range of teaching experiences. He has had teaching roles as teaching assistant, adjunct professor, and professor at various educational institutions such as Drexel University, Columbia University, Art Institute of Philadelphia, West Virginia University, Purdue University. He received the "Teaching Excellence" award and the "Honor Faculty" award at the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

He holds an M.S. degree in Communications/Journalism from Fort Hayes State University and a doctoral degree in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. He also completed a two year NIH National Library of Medicine post-doctoral fellowship focusing on Health Informatics at Columbia University.

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Charlene Ngong, MBA

Vice President Marketing

Accomplished professional possessing more than 13 years of experience in project management, consulting, and international business. A respected leader driving project success through motivating teams of skilled professionals to produce superior work quality while adhering to strict project timelines. Effective communicator and able to deliver insightful presentations to garner stakeholder support or facilitate training on new processes and methodologies.

Possessing extensive expertise across all phases of the project management lifecycle from requirements gathering through to implementation and support. Adept at building collaborative relationships with internal stakeholders and vendors to ensure an optimal solution. Thoroughly versed in Agile, ITIL, and Scrum methodologies and Lean Six Sigma principles. Experienced technologist versed in software development, IT and network infrastructure, cyber security, and systems administration. Multicultural with extensive international experience in project management, consulting, and business development.

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