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LearningBurg brings the tutor directly to you with options like one-on-one. Students take charge of their own learning and feel success and accomplishment at the turn of every page.

MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to provide exceptional yet affordable tutoring for K-12 students while meeting their individual needs and learning styles in an interactive and personalized environment.

Provide a virtual platform for students and tutors
Be a virtual platform for homeschoolers
Supply an integrational virtual platform for community and corporate continual education

OUR STORY: LearningBurg is an educational information technology company started by two Columbia University doctoral graduates to meet the immediate needs of virtual education and training anywhere in the world. This application was developed with the student in mind no matter the subject or grade level.

Dr. Rupananda Misra and Dr. Leo Eyombo decided to combine their business, technology, and education experience to create LearningBurg to provide quality, and affordable tutoring for K-12 students. They offer one-on-one tutoring and group sessions so students can choose the right learning environment for themselves. Their program also works well for homeschoolers by allowing them to participate in specific group instructional sessions over time. Their primary goal is to aid in the advancement of student education by offering a unique tutoring experience that can be modified to meet all student needs.

LearningBurg is a US-based tutoring company designed to help students with their education by providing a virtual place where tutors and students can connect with one another. The objective of is to help students access the best tutors in the US and Canada by hiring certified current or former teachers or graduate students in an accredited institution in the United States or Canada.

All LearningBurg tutors undergo a thorough screening and interview process and a background check. During the screening process, LearningBurg verifies a potential tutor’s prior and current teaching and mentoring skills. Past teacher reviews and observations are considered as well as past and present student performances under the potential candidate’s tutelage. LearningBurg also weighs teaching awards and academic achievements.

All potential tutors must be interviewed by LearningBurg. During this process, the candidate needs to demonstrate outstanding communication skills, the ability to quickly adapt to various academic situations, and provide expert knowledge in the subject(s) he or she wants to tutor. All tutors must be capable of developing adaptive lesson plans that will meet the needs of any student. The candidate must also project a positive, engaging, friendly, and supportive demeanor.

In this application, the tutors and students will use collaboration tools such as virtual whiteboards which has synchronous video chatting, text chat, and audio chat. The student is tutored remotely and in real time by the tutor using the virtual whiteboard. The online educational multiuser whiteboard in this application enables the tutors and students to collaborate and share their ideas visually as well as through high-quality voice chat. They can share documents as well as draw/write their ideas on the whiteboard.

It is our primary intent that LearningBurg will help students succeed in their education.

The LearningBurg Team

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